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Tory Leather

Tory Leather Anti-Grazing Device in Havana - Pony

Tory Leather Anti-Grazing Device in Havana - Pony

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Tory Leather Anti-Grazing Reins

Tory Leather Anti-Grazing Reins are a tried and true tool for keeping a horse or pony from suddenly lowering their head and pulling a rider forward unexpectedly. Also called grass reins, the anti-grazing reins are especially helpful out on the trail or in grass arenas for horses that always see a delicious morsel ready for the nibbling. Tory Leather's Anti-Grazing Reins are made of top quality bridle leather that's strong and supple. Overcheck devices are intended for use on the flat only and must be removed prior to any jumping.

  • Quality Leather
  • Keeps horse or pony from suddenly throwing their head down
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fits any bridle
  • On 3rd hole form the top, measures 33" from end of clip to end of clip
  • Made in the USA

Condition: Great, subtle signs of light wear

Size: Pony

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