Consignment Policy

Banner Bay Tack & Consignment Consignment Agreement

Please read the following terms and conditions prior to signing this agreement.

We request that you include a minimum of 5 items in each shipment.  Please be sure to review our list of accepted and non-accepted items.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to assist.

This document constitutes the Consignment Agreement (“Agreement”) between below signed name (“Consignor”), and Banner Bay Tack & Consignment (“BBTC”), on the date executed below, subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. PRICING: BBTC agrees to sell Consignor’s items for a commission per the Payment provisions.  BBTC shall determine pricing on all consigned items.
  2. INVENTORY: BBGTC will provide Consignor with an itemized list of all accepted consigned items. Items will be catalogued and marketed on our website, online marketplaces such, as well as at vendor events.
  3. SALES: When a consigned item sells, Consignor will receive payment via  check to be mailed on the first of the month following the month of sale. (ie: Consigned items that sells in June are paid to Consignor in August).
  4. PROCESSING FEE: BBTC will supply prepaid shipping labels (at market rates) to Consignors who wish to mail in their items. If Consignor chooses to use the mailing label provided by BBTC, Consignor will be charged a $15.00 processing fee. This processing fee will be deducted from monthly sales per shipment received.
  5. CLEANING & REPAIRS: BBTC will evaluate all inventory prior to listing and make any necessary repairs including but not limited to cleaning, polishing, repairs, laundering, and sewing repairs. Costs will be at the discretion of BBTC and shall be deducted from Consignor’s sales revenue.
  6. UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: BBTC reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all received consignments and may reject any item for any reason. Acceptable items must be in very good to new with tags condition. Items that are not accepted will be disposed of or donated at the discretion of BBTC. Consignor may elect to have unaccepted items returned to them at Consignor’s expense via pre-paid mail.  Consignors who choose not to pre-pay for returned items forfeit all right, title, and interest in such items.
  7. EXPENSE FEES: BBTC reserves the right to remove any additional fees accrued on the sale, including but not limited to, shipping & marketplace fees, prior to the split.
  8. PAYMENT: BBTC will collect 40% commission on all items sold.
  9. RISK OF LOSS: Damage to items or loss of items ins hipping to BBTC are the risk of the Consignor. BBTC’s pre-paid shipping includes standard insurance of $100. Should Consignor require additional insurance, Consignor is responsible for purchasing and securing such insurance.  BBTC only assumes possession once received by BBTC.
  10. INSURANCE: It is the responsibility of the consignor to provide insurance coverage for their items consigned at BBCT. BBCT does not carry insurance against fire, theft or damage.
  11. UNSOLD ITEMS & DISCOUNTS: All items are consigned for a minimum of six months (180 days). During this time, BBTC reserves the right to discount unsold items in order to facilitate a sale.

- Immediately: Up to 20% for incentive discounts
- 3 months: Up to 30% of original listing price
- 4 months: Up to 40% of original listing price
- 5 months: Up to 50% of original listing price
- 6 months: At what BBGTC deems a sellable market value
- 7 months: BBGTC reserves the right to further discount consigned items and/or remove the item from inventory.
- 12 months: If consigned items have not been sold within one year from the date of consignment, it is the responsibility of the consignor to arrange for shipping/picking up the item/s.  Consignor will pay for all return shipping costs.  If arrangements are not made within three months following the one-year period, the items will become property of BBTC and may be disposed of or donated at our discretion.

- Unsold consignment items may be returned prior to the 6-month minimum for a fee of $10.00 per item and any associated cleaning, repair, or mailing fees.  This fee covers the hours spent photographing, marketing, and managing active listings. 


 Please include the bottom section of this page in your consignment kit.

Unaccepted & unsold items:

[   ] Yes, I’d like my items donated

[   ] No, I’d like my unaccepted items shipped back to me, charted at market shipping rates.

Signing this Consignment Contract signifies that the consigner has read and understood all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Consignor Name: _______________________ Phone: ___________________

Street Address: ___________________ City: ________________ State: _______  Zip: _______

Consignor Email: _________________________________

 Consignor Signature: ________________________ Date:________________



Accepted by/BBTC Date: ______________________

Number of Items Consigned:

Description of Items:
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