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Mikmar Short Shank 'Combination' Training Bit - 5 1/4"

Mikmar Short Shank 'Combination' Training Bit - 5 1/4"

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Mikmar Short Shank 'Combination' Training Bit 

  • For all disciplines (western, gaited, English, etc.)
  • Lightweight design 
  • Copper roller stimulates saliva
  • The unique mouthpiece is wide, flat and slow activating.
  • Discourages bit evasion while encouraging responsiveness
  • Disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin, and poll areas
  • Versatile, offering different options for leverage and function

You can attach a single rein to 3 different areas on the bit- the nose rope, the lower area of the shank or the shank at the corner of the mouth. You can use double reins in combination to any of the 3 areas.

Condition: Great, shows subtle signs of gentle wear

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